John Bain AKA TotalBiscuit On YouTube Has Passed Away

John Bain, also known as TotalBiscuit or The Cynical Brit on YouTube, has passed away from terminal cancer today, May 24th 2018. His death was confirmed by wife Genna Bain on Twitter.

I am forever grateful for his insightful commentary and criticisms in his WTF Is… series on YouTube, that takes a look at primarily PC Indie games. He was also a host on the Co-optional podcast, that features other prominent YouTubers talking about gaming and other various topics.

John, you have always fought the good fight on behalf of consumers in the video game industry. You’ve inspired me to start this site and YouTube channel, and I can’t show how thankful I am besides continuing to be better every day in the hopes that I can influence a fraction of the people you have in your shortened time on this rock. My heart is with Genna and their family and friends through this difficult time. May you all find strength and courage to endure.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

I am the owner of Creative Mind Games, and author of the soon-to-release Aetherial War saga of novels. I am an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy works, and love to sit down with friends for card game nights!

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