Wildermyth is Fantastic Tactical RPG You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

A game that released on Steam in November 2019 by a smaller independent studio, Wildermyth is a game you may not have heard of. That’s okay, because I’m here to tell you that it’s fantastic, and deserves a look and your time.

The game takes you through variable-length campaigns, during which your characters will face tough choices, suffer grievous injuries, and some may even perish forever. Their sacrifice will not be in vain, though, as you’ll be able to recruit other companions to take their place and hopefully carry on their legacy. Battles take place over a series of turns, where the player is able to choose varied actions for their characters to perform, all-the-while attempting to defeat a myriad of magical and mystical creatures. The end of battles tallies the enemies defeated, distributing experience to each character that may level them up. When that happens, players are able to choose a new active or passive skill for that character, shaping how they play. I was always excited when this happened, and you notice impactful differences in that character’s abilities, damage output, or accuracy the very next battle.

Players engage those battles by taking back sections of the world map, where they can build stations to provide additional resources, or race through to the finish. Though that takes less time, it is unwise to rush to a final battle without being properly equipped, since the enemies and game A.I. aren’t pushovers. Before, and even sometimes during battles, players will have to make character-based decisions. Should we rush into battle head-first, or should we wait for the enemy and attempt to ambush them? Some of these will have percentages of success, while others might not be as apparent. Regardless, they are interesting, and help give the characters a personality of their own and help the game feel unique to that campaign. Occasionally, there will be a side quest available for a character. I highly recommend pursuing these, even if it means you might encounter tougher enemies because of it. It adds even more variety to the gameplay, and could result in permanent changes (see the wings on Kai Stormbringer as a tangible example).

Enemies will receive buffs depending on what choices you make during battle. These normally occur after a battle is completed, but can be initiated once a timer on the world map reaches zero. The enemy upgrades after battles can be as simple as adding 25% more health to a particular enemy, to introducing completely new and deadly abilities. The ones initiated on the world map may be negated by spending Legacy Points (which you earn from side quests and some options during battle). If you do not negate the upgrade or don’t have enough Legacy Points at that time, the upgrades are applied and the enemies grow stronger. This adds a risk/reward factor to exploring everything in the world map. Traveling takes time in the game, so trying to search every area and build up defenses will also expose the characters to stronger enemies as the campaigns progress. It’s your choices as the player, so choose wisely. Your characters’ lives are always on the line.

Upon completing all objectives on the world map, you’ll complete the chapter, and move to the next one. I was able to complete the first campaign, going through three chapters and taking around three hours to complete. At the end, the choices character’s made influence the story you are giving, with some characters going on more grand adventures, settling down with a character they grew feelings for during the story, or any one of a number of other outcomes. Better yet, you are able to bring their legacy and character into subsequent playthroughs of other campaigns. You can also take a look at the characters you’ve completed a campaign with from the main menu by visiting your legacy option. I couldn’t help but click on them and reminisce about the adventure we had just completed, and look forward to seeing them pop up again to aid weary warriors fighting to save their land.

Overall, Wildermyth was a massively pleasant surprise. I love the stories you are presented, the way you are able to shape the story into somethin unique, and the engaging battle system. I’m currently knees-deep in my second campaign, and am going to jump right back in after this article to see what shenanigans my rural heroes will find themselves in. According to Worldwalker Games’ official site, Wildermyth is also available on itch.io.

Tips and Hints For Dead Cells

Because of how great it is, and the fact that the game can be very challenging at times, I’m here to provide you with some tips to get started.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

Dead Cells is a game that successfully mashes numerous characteristics together, and it has the potential to reach players who normally might not give it a shot because of that. It’s a game with beautiful 3D turned 2D graphics boasting roguelite elements, responsive action, satisfyingly quick platforming, and rewarding exploration all tied into an affordable yet deep game. This is one I can see myself picking up years from now and still admiring the art style and game-play as much as the day I bought it. Because of how great it is, and the fact that the game can be very challenging at times, I’m here to provide you with some tips to get started.

Dead Cells_20180816182459
Legendary weapons are definite game-changers.

Play To Your Strengths

As you can see from the image above, I had a wide variety of weapons equipped that particular run (I made it to the final area on that run, only to be obliterated within the first couple rooms). What saved my bacon the most is the mutation that lets you revive once in the even that you die. This is so handy during boss fights or areas where enemies get the jump on you. Also, being able to regain health from defeating enemies (you’ll be doing that quite a lot once you get to a certain point in a run) is invaluable in staying alive. However, there are plenty of other mutations and weapons other than the ones I have pictured that may work better for your play style. There are mutations that allow you to do a massive amount more damage if you are near a trap, and one that reduces the time to deploy your traps. Those combined also can be a lethal combination. Finding the right weapons, mutations, and traps is crucial in progressing in Dead Cells.

Dead Cells_20180815121732
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Exploration Is Your Friend

Some of the most satisfying moments I’ve had in Dead Cells involve pushing deeper and deeper into areas, knowing that in an instant my run could be over with one mistake, and bathe in rewards from a newly discovered chest that spits out a legendary weapon. This is just another aspect that this game nails: exploration is rewarding and can be crucial to extending runs. Chests provide rewards that can help you unlock new upgrades, give you a weapon that you desperately need, or even curse you until you complete a specified task to list that curse. You can also find more power scrolls the deeper you delve into areas, so always being on the lookout and checking the map will also help keep you alive longer.

Dead Cells_20180816092056

Persistence Will Pay Off

There were certainly times while playing Dead Cells that it feels like I’m getting nowhere. Then I complete an area and am able to dump the cells I earned into unlocking a new mutation, or the ability to get a random starting weapon on subsequent runs, and I remember that this game demands persistence . It even gives you not-so-subtle hints that you will be doing the same run over and over for eternity. Once I accepted that I will be seeing the prison and toxic sewers quite a bit, I focused more on learning how each weapon functions, and how the levels are semi-randomly built on each run. Persistence has been paying large dividends, and I am reaching the final and next to last area quite often, meaning my runs are lasting one to two hours instead of fifteen or twenty minutes. If you reach the point where you feel you aren’t making much progress, keep pushing forward and you’ll realize like I did that eventually you’ll beat down that virtual brick wall with enough punches.

Dead Cells_20180815122101
The art in this game is so beautiful, it makes the repeated areas wear less on players.

When In Doubt, Switch Your Route

There isn’t a singular path to the end of Dead Cells. The branching paths mean that you could potentially beat the game in an earlier run without ever seeing whole areas of the game. That also means that you have the freedom to take a path and avoid certain areas that may prove more difficult than others. For example, earlier on in my time with Dead Cells I was having difficulty beating the Black Bridge. So, with the new ability to use teleportation coffins, I chose to go through the Ossuary. Granted, that run ended quite abruptly and I eventually went back to the Black Bridge and beat it on the following run, but it just serves as a good example of how you can change the way you reach the final area to suite your personal gaming strengths.

Dead Cells_20180815181348
Finding the best path is challenging but oh so satisfying.

Mutations Are A Game-Changer

Finding the perfect combination of mutations for your runs can do wonders for helping you push farther and farther each run. Personally, I found getting the mutation that allows you to revive once after dying a great pickup as your first mutation, followed by necromancy (you gain health each time you kill an enemy), and finish it with the 30% health boost. This all allows me to tank bosses, while letting me come back from death once if I make a huge mistake or get mauled by an elite enemy encounter. The other abilities I recommend trying are the ones that give you extra damage for being near a trap and the one that reduces your trap cool-down.

Bonus Tip: Freeze Weapons Are Killer

Just a quick tip for making the most out of your runs: have a weapon that freezes enemies. This can be a bow (freeze bows are awesome) or the freeze grenades. As long as you have a way to slow down quick enemies like the Clocktower boss and any elite enemies that can teleport once you take half their health, you’ll have a much easier time pushing forward and finding new permanent abilities.

Super Duper Bonus Tip! My Favorite Weapon and Skill Combinations

The war spear, infantry crossbow, repeater crossbow, and frantic blades are my favorite weapons and the ones that I reached the final boss using.  If combined with a mutation that powers your melee power when damaged or drink a health potion, you become a literal tank late in runs. The crusher, ice grenade, and any trap that fires projectiles combined with the trap cooldown mutation or one that boosts your damage near a trap are also very helpful.

Hope these hints help you along the way. Knowing which weapons, mutations, and abilities work best for you will undoubtedly be the difference between making a long run and returning as a corpse five minutes in. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to farm some more dead cells and end the cycle.

Pros and Cons of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker on Nintendo Switch

However, with the new release come some clear improvements, but also some puzzling decisions. Here are my pros and cons for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

I played Captain Toad on the Wii U when it came out in November of 2014, and while I didn’t beat the game completely at the time, I’m sure that won’t be the case with its recent release in the Switch. However, with the new release come some clear improvements, but also some puzzling decisions. Here are my pros and cons for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

Handheld mode is the best way to play Captain Toad on the Switch.


Art Style Still Impresses

After its release in late 2014, Captain Toad was a beautiful title on the Wii U that I believe rivaled Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros. for the best looking game on that console released that year. Now, with its release on Nintendo Switch in July of 2018, I still stand by that belief. This game looks amazing with its wealth of color and silky smooth textures. I can’t get enough of the art style, which makes replaying levels to get full completion still a joy even after playing the level for the third or fourth time.

Level Design Is Top Notch

Without the ability to jump, it would be reasonable to assume that this game would have a very limited number of ways to vary the dozens of levels it offers players. To my surprise, each level feels unique and it didn’t feel stale at any point throughout the game. A puzzle game with limited movement options needs variety in its puzzles, and Captain Toad is thankfully full of variety.


Easy Controls

Whether you’re shooting for finding every Pixel Toad, finding all the secret objectives on every level, or 100% completion in general, Captain Toad is easy to master with its intuitive controls for any age. This game allows for youngsters to fully enjoy this game without the normal barrier of more complex controls that other titles like Mario Odyssey tout. It’s always nice to see games that are accessible to anyone and any age.

This city looks very new and donk…

Plenty of New Levels

I was surprised at the number of new levels, all of which are inspired by Mario Odyssey. The art style meshes with that game perfectly, and seeing New Donk City condensed into a level in Captain Toad is really fascinating. The levels that focus on sprinting are by far my least favorite, but that’s a minor gripe and a small percentage of the levels.


Price seems a little high

At $40, Captain Toad is a little pricey, in my honest opinion. Sure it has new levels, but even they aren’t enough to justify the steep price. It’s still the same game you played on the Wii U. The addition of coop is nice, but it doesn’t change things up enough to justify almost a full price for this title. I enjoy the game, most than most I would presume, but I would be more satisfied if it was slightly cheaper at release.

Even when condensed to a city block, New Donk City is still gorgeous.

Touch Pointer Is Obtrusive

When docked, a pointer is always present. There is no way to play the game without it while the Switch is docked, which I feel is a mistake. This is not an issue when playing in handheld mode since you can use your fingers on the touch screen, but just beware of playing it docked if that is your primary way of playing games on the Switch. It gets in the way of seeing where Toad is in the level, and can also be distracting. It would be better if it disappeared when you weren’t using the right analog stick when you need to interact with the environment. A patch to correct this would be very much appreciated.

Coop Isn’t Always Great

Speaking of the pointer and coop, the Switch version of Captain Toad introduces coop into the game. You each take a joy con, with the first player controlling toad and the second player taking control of the camera and pointer, which they can use to shoot enemies. Most levels end up being frustrating in coop, since both players can control the camera and with the second player controlling the pointer you both need to be on the same page at all times or you will inevitably fail levels due to the split in duties. The idea is nice, but the implementation isn’t ideal.

I want you hear from you. Did you pick up Captain Toad for the first time on Switch? Did you play it previously on the Wii U and pick it up again. Are you waiting for a price drop before adding it to your Switch library? Let me know in the comments!

Make Love Not (Star) Wars

Star Wars is something that brought people together, people who all shared a similar interest. They made new friends, possibly met their future partners, and overall had something truly special to bond over.  That was then, in what seems like a galaxy far, far away. Times have changed. Unfortunately, darkness now clouds the Force; it seems we are headed down the same dangerous path that Yoda warned us all about.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

May 25th, 1977 is a day that billions of science fictions fans should vote to make an official worldwide holiday. The day that Star Wars: A New Hope released in theaters is a special day in the hearts of so many fans, regardless of gender, age, or political affiliation. Star Wars is something that brought people together, people who all shared a similar interest. They made new friends, possibly met their future partners, and overall had something truly special to bond over.  That was then, in what feels like a galaxy far, far away. Times have changed. Unfortunately, darkness now clouds the Force; it seems we are headed down the same dangerous path that Yoda warned us all about.


Now, the fan base is divided, with both sides making valid arguments and also occasionally behaving in a ridiculous manner that wasn’t prevalent even up to a few years ago (aside from that time fans cowardly threatened famous author R.A. Salvatore for killing Chewbacca in one of the New Jedi Order books). One side calls the other racist, while the other accuses the other of promoting ideals that they don’t hold themselves while claiming a moral high ground. Similar to Anakin refusing to listen to Obi Wan’s warning, fans are recklessly attacking each other without taking a moment to consider the the truth that there is always another point of view to every situation.

Episode I wasn’t a perfect movie, with pacing issues at times and some corny dialogue. But here’s the thing, even though it wasn’t the BEST movie ever, and it may have been a slight letdown in hindsight, not once did I ever lash out at anyone for having a different opinion nor did I see George Lucas make idle threats because some fans didn’t enjoy his movie (Rian Johnson please stop tweeting and feeding into this; you’re equally at fault for this PR disaster). Seems like Yoda predicted all this, since the fear of future Star Wars content not living up to their standards lead to fans feeling anger towards Lucas Film and their ilk, their anger has led to burning hate, and hopefully they haven’t allowed themselves to personally suffer over their disdain of the new product being released.

The Last Jedi isn’t the first Star Wars media to be disliked and I can guarantee it also won’t be the last. Anyone remember the Star Wars Christmas Special? There’s a reason you aren’t able to find a physical copy of that anywhere (maybe Mr. Plinkett has one stashed away). It was terrible. Was The Last Jedi terrible? Not as terrible as it could have been, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been a better movie overall. Still, the outrage over it seem like a slight overreaction on both sides of the argument.

By this point, you’re probably wondering what side of the argument I find myself on, since I took the time to write this article in the first place. Does that matter though? What should matter is that people are attacking the very core ideals that others hold dear to themselves, even if those ideals have little to nothing to do with Star Wars in general. Personally, I thought The Last Jedi was just short of a train wreck of a movie, but that doesn’t mean I lose respect for others who enjoyed it (see our recent video where we discussed the movie) . I also don’t lash out on social media to berate and belittle them for their opinion. Like the saying goes: opinions are like buttholes, we all have one. It’s their right to have that opinion, so let them have that. I enjoyed The Phantom Menace, despite its flaws, and it’s completely reasonable if you see those flaws as too glaring to ignore. See, that wasn’t too hard, was it?

That’s the beauty of Star Wars. There is always something for everyone to love. I loved Luke’s transformation from naive farm boy to confident and noble Jedi Master in the original trilogy. I also cannot get enough of the Old Republic lore. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 are my jam, and I have numerous comic books from that era in Star Wars gracing my bookshelves (yes, I have that many). There are so many other forms of Star Wars content to enjoy, like the Clone Wars show, Rebels, the Expanded Universe books and comics (look up Legacy because they have some of the best characters in the EU). Disney may say they aren’t canon anymore, but that shouldn’t prevent you from making your own canon if you aren’t happy with theirs. Do your thing, be your own Jedi. (If you need recommendations, comment on this article and I would be happy to give you plenty to start with.)

Just a fraction of the Sci-Fi and Star Wars media I own.

Listening to other’s talk about Star Wars lately, it’s apparent others love Han for being suave and just plain badass. Other people love and respect Leia as a strong female lead who didn’t let anyone push her around and stuck to her ideals, even if that meant the destruction of her home planet and everyone one it. Maybe everyone should take a lesson from Leia in that regard.

To conclude, fans should show more love to one another, since Leia, throughout all the trials and tribulations she endured, never forgot to show compassion and love. We could all do a better job of showing more compassion, especially when it comes to our fandom of Star Wars. We can be better towards each other; we need to be better. It’s your right to dislike a product, and there’s nothing stopping you from voicing your opinion. Just don’t tear others down to express that opinion, because for all you know that product might be more to someone than just a movie, book, video game, or show. Star Wars Episode IX is coming December 20, 2019, and even though I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it, I do know one thing: I hope others will and I won’t attack them their opinion differs from mine. Hopefully, both sides of this debate will join the light side and do the same to share their love not war.

Five Reasons Why It’s Worth Revisiting Dragon Age: Inquisition

I love Bioware RPGs. That’s something I feel is quite obvious if you spend any time on this site. However, there is one in particular I have been replaying for the third time and feel is absolutely worth picking up if you love RPG’s. Here are five reasons why you should revisit or pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

I love Bioware RPGs. That’s something I feel is quite obvious if you spend any time on this site. However, there is one in particular I have been replaying for the third time and feel is absolutely worth picking up if you love RPGs. Here are five reasons why you should revisit or pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20180706050017
See that big hole in the sky? It’s bad. Real bad.

The Story Is Better Than It Should Be

A big hole in the sky spewing out demons into the world is the main crux of Dragon Age: Inquisition. At first glance it might sound like the story is going to be underwhelming like its predecessor. Fortunately, the story is more than adequate to keep the player’s interest. Gaining agents and allies for the revival of the long-dead inquisition, seeking out why you have a strange mark on your hand that allows you to close the portals, and ending the threat is all entertaining to say the least. Plus, depending on your choices throughout the game, the ending will have vastly different outcomes, which is always nice to see that your choices do matter in an RPG from Bioware.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20180706051728
Close those holes like they’re plot holes in Mass Effect: Andromeda!

The Characters Are Likable, and Useful

This is huge bugbear for me in regards to other recent RPG’s that have characters that are supposed to be interesting (any character except Drack in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the Bioware game that came out after the main studio was forced to focus its efforts on Anthem) but really aren’t in a way that makes them almost a drag to have in your party. I played Andromeda for over 30 hours, and not once was I engaged enough with the combat to get over the extremely poorly written dialogue for your companions or their bland backgrounds. With DA:I, neither the characters or their usefulness comes into question. Sure, there are certain combinations that are nearly unstoppable like having Cassandra, Cole, and Iron Bull all in your party, but that doesn’t mean that others like Varric or Solas aren’t useful in their own ways. It’s obvious the team at Bioware spent a good amount of effort on making sure all the pieces fit together, just as they did prior with Dragon Age: Origins (if you like a more tactical RPG like Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights 2, also Bioware products, I highly recommend giving that a shot as well).

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20180710023740
Combat without the HUD looks amazing, even if it isn’t practical in tougher battles.

The Combat Feels Satisfying

An RPG that is centered around combat needs to be satisfying to keep the player engaged, and that’s something that DA:I does so well. As a rogue character on my current  hard difficulty play-through, I can’t believe it’s a class I haven’t chosen before. It plays so well and is so exhilarating to get those massive damage shots off on unsuspecting enemies, then dodge out of the way, dealing damage and escaping their range just before their attack lands. Don’t worry if bows and daggers aren’t your thing, the warrior class is really fun to play (especially as a reaver), as is the mage.

A Beautiful Rich World

An area where Dragon Age 2 slipped up, and one where DA: I far succeeds its predecessors, is the world you explore. Don’t misunderstand that statement: I still love Dragon Age: Origins, but the areas in this game are so detailed graphically and with so many different events to uncover, that it feels alive in a similar fashion to the Mass Effect Trilogy. For me, it isn’t just that the game is beautiful, it’s all the little side quests you can find by exploring. You can potentially go into the final portion of the game with almost the starting party and no one else. The game doesn’t force you to get characters like Sera or Iron Bull, but gives you the option to seek them out. It gives you choices that are less and less frequent in more modern games.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20180710031315
Turning the HUD off isn’t ideal for combat, but man does it look pretty on a PS4 Pro!

Your Decisions Matter

As mentioned previously in this article, a staple in Bioware games is choice. The choice to side the mages will lock out any cooperation with the Templars down the road. The choice to exile Sera from your inquisition means she will leave, permanently. The decisions you make in this game have lasting effects, and seeing all the different ways the game handles them is fascinating. There isn’t a real win or lose in a lot of them, but there are entirely different outcomes and situations that arise.

Have you played Dragon Age: Inquisition? What do you think about the game as a whole? Do you feel it still holds up compared to other games in the genre? Let me know in the comments!

What Is Your Favorite Star Wars Video Game?

As someone who can’t seem to get enough of Star Wars video games, both newer and old, I want to hear what is your favorite Star Wars video game.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

I love Star Wars (well, Star Wars before the Disney acquisition). I love video games (obviously). I love Star Wars video games! As someone who can’t seem to get enough of Star Wars video games, both newer and old, I want to hear what is your favorite Star Wars video game.

Personally, I would have to give that award to the original Knights of the Old Republic. I had previously loved Bioware’s CRPG Neverwinter Nights and its multiple expansions, so a Star Wars game set thousands of years before A New Hope with a similar combat style was something I knew I would love. Even still, I wasn’t prepared for just how fantastic that game was, and how great it still is today. The writing holds up surprisingly well, as do the graphics. For a game released in 2003, 15 years old now, it still looks pretty darn good, especially if you play the steam version with the graphical mods enabled. Plus, you can now play it on an Xbox One by inserting the physical disc into the console, and it will play with noticeable graphical enhancements, faster load times, and steady frame rate.

Other Star wars games available to play on the Xbox One are Jedi Starfighter, Battlefront 1 and 2 (original Battlefront games), Republic Commando, and KOTOR 2. If you own the Xbox disc version, those games are also all worth seeing on the Xbox One. Let me know in the comments which Star Wars game you think is the best.

Cat Quest 2 Announced, Coming 2019

I loved the first game, so the addition of these welcome features means this should be a treat for cat and dog RPG lovers alike when it releases in early 2019

Author: Nathan Doverspike

One of my favorite RPGs of 2017 is getting a sequel. The Gentlebros, creators of the feline themed RPG that came out on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android, and iOS as well, announced via their Twitter profile they are currently creating the sequel titled Cat Quest: The Lupus Empire.

In the release trailer, the addition of dogs is shown, as well as couch coop! I loved the first game, so the addition of these welcome features means this should be a treat for cat and dog RPG lovers alike when it releases in early 2019.

Why It’s Worth Revisiting Attack on Titan

The video game, surprisingly, does the show and manga justice, providing players with the same visceral combat illustrated in the show with fantastic controls and really gory combat. After playing it for countless more hours this week, finishing up getting an S rank on all the available missions, I can’t recommend this game enough. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth revisiting after its release in 2016.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

As someone who loves shows where people battle giant monsters, really gory action scenes, and has a deep appreciation for a good apocalypse story, Attack on Titan show delivers to the fullest extent on all those fronts. The video game, surprisingly, does the show and manga justice, providing players with the same visceral combat illustrated in the show with fantastic controls and really gory combat. After playing it for countless more hours this week, finishing up getting an S rank on all the available missions, I can’t recommend this game enough. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth revisiting since its release in 2016.

Attack on Titan_20180622211414
As you can see, the game is just a gory as the show.

The Combat

Besides the giant naked humanoid creatures eating people, the other initial observation  when I saw the show is how awesome the gear they use is. Two gas powered grapple hooks, one on each side, and blades that can break away at certain intervals along the blade and also replaced by ejecting it and attaching a new one to take its place. These seemingly ancient weapons and gear are all that stand between humanity and extinction.

Speaking of awesome, using the gear to grapple your way through the different environments is just as cool as it is in the show. You can catapult yourself across most maps (the outdoors maps switch it up with few areas to swing but give you a horse to ride), sometimes without ever touching the ground, and take out the limbs of the terrifying titans along the way in mid-air style. You’ll need to be cautious when surrounded though, since they are relentless in their quest to snack on humans. Plan your attacks with precision, and revel on the brutal combat that feels oh so good. In this game, it’s a titan eat human world!

The Art Style

What appears to be a mix between cel shaded and hand drawn graphics, this game just oozes style with its substance. The environments are beautifully detailed; the enemies are horrifyingly gorgeous with their big dumb smiles and giant rear ends. Each piece of gear and weapon has a very distinct look to go along with individual stats and eventually branching upgrade paths for many of them. Everything in this game shares these beautiful design choices, and makes it one of a kind for a fan of the series and action games in general.


Each Character Is A Unique Experience

I always appreciate a game that allows you to play as each of your favorite characters, and AoT is no exception. Unlike other games though, each character has different stats and abilities based on their characters from the show. For example, Mikasa is probably the best at combat (Levi is a close second), while Armen focuses on more strategic abilities and doesn’t have as much health or attack power. Use them enough, and they’ll earn enough experience to level up and unlock a new skill that usually ends up being a big boon to combat. Thankfully, the balance between characters is fair and playing as each is a blast.

Nothing Quite Like It

With all those features mentioned above, in addition to a full length campaign (12-14 hours) and an additional mode after you beat that, this is one heck of a game that I wish more people recognized as being a great action game on current gen platforms. It’s combat is unlike any other game I’ve played, and the art style is equally fitting. It’s a great game, with a good story, one-of-a-kind combat, and is absolutely worth revisiting. So what are you waiting for?

Top Six Surprises From E3 2018

Throughout the conferences, we learned a fair bit, from new titles coming out, to the acknowledgement that Microsoft and Sony are developing their next gen consoles. After all the excitement, I have compiled a list of my top six surprises from E3 2018.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

As with each of these lists, the opinions and lists themselves are my own.

E3 2018 had its fair shares of high points and one giant abyss called the EA conference. Throughout the conferences, we learned a fair bit, from new titles coming out, to the acknowledgement that Microsoft and Sony are developing their next gen consoles. After all the excitement, I have compiled a list of my top six surprises from E3 2018. Let me know in the comments what I missed!


Cyberpunk 2077 Aiming For Release On Current Gen Consoles

For a game as ambitious and graphically intense as Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be, it’s interesting that CD Projekt Red have confirmed that they are aiming to release the game on the PS4 and Xbox One. If the Witcher 3 is any sort of basis for their quality of video games (in my opinion it certainly should be), then this game should be spectacular from a general perspective as a gamer. That’s why releasing it on current gen consoles is so interesting, since we haven’t seen a game of this scope or graphical fidelity (God of War comes close) on a console. If they are able to get it to run at a stable framerate without sacrificing too much on the graphics part, I am all in for this to be a possible late 2019/early 2020 title. If not, then the next generation of consoles are going to have a fantastic start to their run with this game as a possible launch title.

EA Has Anthem…And That’s It

This one certainly surprised me, and not in a positive way. Besides announcing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (yup, that’s one clunky title) in a very weird and almost uncomfortable interview that put Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella on the spot during a lull in the EA conference (as if the whole conference wasn’t enough of one), there was very little shown that wasn’t already presumed to be coming out. We got the confirmation of a new FIFA game, a new Madden title, and a bite sized bit of Anthem footage shown. And that was pretty much it.

Microsoft’s Show Was Impressive

I own an Xbox One, so don’t assume I am automatically a “Sony Pony” for saying that I have been generally underwhelmed by the exclusives offered on the Xbox One. However, I feel that Microsoft’s conference was well organized and showcased a ton of games, even if most will be coming to PC or PS4 as well. I enjoyed their presentation miles more than Sony’s, and that’s refreshing to say. I loved the Xbox 360, so hopefully they are able to carry this momentum and hit their release date for Crackdown 3 in February. Oh, and this Gears game looks infinitely (see what I did there Halo fans) more interesting than anything in Gears of War 4.

rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six: Siege Is What Destiny Should Have Been

As someone who casually plays Destiny, I can understand and sympathize with those who think the game should be better in general, from the loot drops, to the lack of story, to the odd narrative choice of killing a main character in an announcement for more paid content. It should be, which is why Rainbow Six: Siege is doing exactly what Bungie stated they wanted with Destiny: have a 10 year plan for the game to allow gamers to enjoy the game whether they purchase it day one or wait a few years for more content. Siege is doing just that, and their presentation at E3 is a great example of how you can overcome a rough start by making necessary changes and being consumer-friendly. It’s true they have too many editions of the game, but that’s something that comes with the concept of games-as-a-service. I haven’t played Siege yet, but I am excited to see what new content they release and to join that player base after watching their E3 conference and all the content they have planned.


Kingdom Hearts Is A Narrative Mess, And I’m Fascinated

This might come off as harsh, but from talking with other people, even the most hardcore KH fans can admit the story is a bit of a mess. That isn’t to say it’s bad, hell even yjr stories in Star Wars can be a convoluted disaster (i.e. The Last Jedi). The trailers shown this E3 really hooked me and have me pumped. Who are all these characters? What are heartless? What the hell is even happening in these games? I must know! Thankfully, Square Enix is releasing a version of the game that includes all KH titles the same day that Kingdom Hearts 3 is out. Count me in, Captain Jack Sparrow!

There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Update Notes

I feel this one speaks for itself, but after sitting through 40 minutes of patch notes about the most minute changes to the game (honestly don’t need to know about WiI Trainer’s facial improvement) I just want the game to release already. I never knew a company could bore me by talking too much about their game before it releases, but Nintendo did just that. This is a day one purchase for me, so it’s fair to say I am still excited for its release on December 15th (don’t worry Jake I’ll still make it to your wedding!). Just, next time they want to talk about an important first party title like Metroid Prime 4 or a new Fire Emblem game, please don’t use two thirds of your conference to provide intricate details about the new lens flare effects or individual strands of hair on Marth’s head.

Why Final Fantasy TCG Is The Best Card Game Available

A few months ago, I wrote an article on why it was my new favorite hobby. Now, I’m confident that this is the best TCG out there, and here’s why.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

Okay, so that’s a pretty strong title and possible even a little click-baity. What can I say? I have very strong feelings towards Final Fantasy TCG (I’ll just refer to it as FFTCG from now on). A few months ago, I wrote an article on why it was my new favorite hobby. Now, I’m confident that this is the best TCG out there, and here’s why.

Reasonable Barrier to Entry

As with all TCG, there is a barrier to entry, meaning there is a slight hump to overcome before becoming invested in the game. However, unlike many other TCG out there like Magic The Gathering, the cost to start playing FFTCG is noticeably lower. For my first competitive tournament, I entered after buying two booster packs and a starter set (consisting of 50 cards, rule book, and play mat) for $25 total after tax. Considering it took hundreds of dollars before I competed in my first Magic tournament, I would say that’s a pretty fair price to begin playing. Plus, I came in third against people who have played the game for much longer than I had, meaning I felt like I was on a much more level playing field than I ever did playing MTG.

Another barrier to entry is the difficulty of the game itself. FFTCG can  be difficult at times, especially with all the options available to you with how you build your deck. But, it only took me about 10-15 minutes to get a good grasp on the basics of a turn, how cards work, and how to properly play certain abilities with maximum efficiency. I would definitely describe this game as easy to learn, hard to master. I don’t think there is another TCG out there that better exemplifies this. For new players, that should be something to take into consideration when starting a new card game.

The foil cards, which each pack comes with one, are awesome!

Better Value In Packs

This part is subjective, and I will be the first to admit that. However, as someone who played MTG for a very long time, I can attest to the massive number of cards I accumulated that were essentially useless. To me, this isn’t good design in a card game. I understand that not every card will be fantastic, but to open up a pack and see that the “rare” card you get from it is worth less than the easily found “common” cards in the pack, in addition to its abilities/stats are worthless, that results in the feeling like you just wasted money. When I play card games, I don’t ever want to feel like I am wasting my money, since each pack alone is normally $4 before tax or shipping if you are ordering online. Sure, I’ve opened FFTCG packs and put the rarer card in a sleeve and into my binder, but I am sure I could find a use for it in a new deck.

Also, you are guaranteed one foil card in every pack. These foil cards can be of any rarity, and pulling a legend foil is such a great feeling, especially when it’s a foil Wol! Having a foil in every pack drastically increased the chance to have a fantastic return on your investment in that pack. No joke, I recently pulled a pack that had $60 of value in the cards, and yes, it did include that foil Wol from Opus V.

A typical setup of what playing the game will look like. It may resemble another TCG with Magic in the name, but I can assure you I like it much more.

No Banned Sets

This is a big one to me. In Magic, they cycle through sets as time passes, meaning that in order to compete in certain tournaments, you also must buy all the new cards. This also means that any investment you made in the previous sets is now wasted if you wish to still compete in that format. As FFTCG grows, it is likely that certain sets may be pushed out of the standard format. However, as of this article, that is not the case. That is a huge plus when comparing it to other TCG out there.

Still love me some Vincent in my Earth/Fire deck.

The Community

This one is also subjective, but after meeting many other FFTCG players, I can confidently say that the majority of them are decent human beings who just love the game. They aren’t there to win the tournament to turn around and sell all those cards and are rude to everyone they interactive with (speaking from personal experience on that one).

Overall, I am very thankful that one of my coworkers introduced me to this game. Without him, I would have never known how awesome the game is, or met the fantastic people who also play this game. How about you? Have you played any TCG lately? Is there one that you also this is really good and would suggest checking out? Let me know in the comments! [Click here for a complete version of the rules from the creators.]

My Predictions For The Next Handful of Star Wars Spinoff Movies

Here’s my list of movies they should film and suggested titles as well. You’re welcome Disney!

Author: Nathan Doverspike

Okay…so just the other day the Boba Fett movie was confirmed, as well as the Obi-Wan movie set between Episodes III and IV. That got me thinking…what other spinoff movies are they going to announce? Here’s my list of movies they should film and suggested titles as well. You’re welcome Disney!

dash rendar

Dash Rendar: Outrider

So little is known about Dash Rendar. What’s his back story? What was his career? What is that cord doing that’s attached to his gun? Why is his ship is called the Outrider? What more can we learn besides everything already told to us in Shadows of the Empire! It isn’t like there’s a whole web page on Wookiepedia dedicated to him already.


Dengar: All Wrapped Up

What, a guy can dream can’t he? He’s the next best bounty hunter after Boba Fett, and even he died like an absolute chump (unless you believe the fan theory that it wasn’t the real Boba Fett who died in Episode VI and was all a Tag and Bink event). Regardless, Dengar is WAY cooler because he’s cosplaying as The Mummy from the Dark Universe film series…you know THAT series that’s so good they didn’t just cancel it after the Mummy with Tom Cruise did so well. I have to know how he got all those scars. Besides, it isn’t like there are sentient assassin droids scouring the galaxy and being all cool and stuff that would make a better movie.


That Weird Blue Elephant Guy

THE most interesting character in Star Wars! And also most mysterious! Who is this handsome blue musician who hammers away on his circular xylophone? Why do his hands look like they are already decomposing? Is HE force sensitive too (since the Force might as well be called the Farce now after TLJ)? What if he is the TRUE Supreme Leader Snoke! I MUST KNOW!!!

han solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Oh wait…..

Why It’s Worth Revisiting Just Cause 3

Here are just a couple reasons why you should consider revisiting this blast from the past sandbox of destruction.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

A couple factors led to the writing of this article. Just Cause 4 was recently leaked as being a possible announcement at E3 2018, Playstation Store had a great sale on the XL Edition of the game that comes with all released DLC (under $12 USD); and the recent announcement that Red Faction: Guerrilla is getting a remaster sometime in Q2 of this year. Here are just a couple reasons why you should consider revisiting this blast from the past sandbox of destruction.

Just Cause 3_20180529012901

The Side Content Is Worthwhile and Enjoyable

As Rico Rodriguez, the world is your playground. Sure, there are main missions that you can complete. But with so many other activities to enjoy like racing in cars, boats, and airplanes, unleashing destruction within a certain time limit, or racing against the clock as you maintain speed to prevent your vehicle from exploding, this game has plenty of fund challenges to master. Even if some may not be for you, the others will more than make up for the ones you find less enjoyable. Plus, every time you complete a mission you earn up to five gears that are used to unlock perks for Rico. Unlike so many previous open world games, this one keeps rewarding you for completing the content.

Do What’s Fun For You

Something that a game like Just Cause 3 is providing you a giant world that let’s you be you. Do you want to liberate all the different towns in the world? Maybe you love the thrill of the wing-suit like I do and jump off the highest mountains just to open it up and see how far I can glide without touching down. I got much more satisfaction out of the side content than the short and obviously padded story missions. And that’s okay, because this game let’s you do what you find fun and keep doing it.

Just Cause 3_20180529035137

The Destruction Is So Satisfying

Hopping into a loaded helicopter and flying into an enemy military base only to rain down missile after missile never gets old! Usually marked with red and white colors, the plethora of destructible buildings and fuel tanks provide ample opportunity to see light up the screen with fiery explosions. This game has plenty of different vehicles of destruction to choose from. Jump in a helicopter, biplane, jet, tank, or corvette and show your enemies whose boss!

Just Cause 3_20180529013407

Traversal Is Still Incredible

Since the original Just Cause, Rico has been using a grapple hook and a parachute to make his way around each game. Each game, the mechanic is refined and still provides a great tool of traversal while still being a blast. This iteration in the franchise is no different, and the unlocks you gain that improve your mobility while gliding or parachuting only improve the experience the longer you play.

It’s worth noting that I recently bought a PS4 Pro, and that’s possibly why I had such a good experience this time compared to when I played it when it released. From what I can remember, the game did have slightly unstable frame rate when it launched. Combined with patches and the more powerful console, the I only notice the frame rate dropping below 30 when there was a ton of action on screen. Even then, it didn’t inhibit my ability to enjoy the game immensely.

Have you played Just Cause 3 yet? Are there other open world games that you’ve revisited recently and found them to be just as good or better than you remember? Let me know in the comments!