What Is Your Favorite Star Wars Video Game?

Author: Nathan Doverspike

I love Star Wars (well, Star Wars before the Disney acquisition). I love video games (obviously). I love Star Wars video games! As someone who can’t seem to get enough of Star Wars video games, both newer and old, I want to hear what is your favorite Star Wars video game.

Personally, I would have to give that award to the original Knights of the Old Republic. I had previously loved Bioware’s CRPG Neverwinter Nights and its multiple expansions, so a Star Wars game set thousands of years before A New Hope with a similar combat style was something I knew I would love. Even still, I wasn’t prepared for just how fantastic that game was, and how great it still is today. The writing holds up surprisingly well, as do the graphics. For a game released in 2003, 15 years old now, it still looks pretty darn good, especially if you play the steam version with the graphical mods enabled. Plus, you can now play it on an Xbox One by inserting the physical disc into the console, and it will play with noticeable graphical enhancements, faster load times, and steady frame rate.

Other Star wars games available to play on the Xbox One are Jedi Starfighter, Battlefront 1 and 2 (original Battlefront games), Republic Commando, and KOTOR 2. If you own the Xbox disc version, those games are also all worth seeing on the Xbox One. Let me know in the comments which Star Wars game you think is the best.