Tips and Hints For Evil Within 2

To help you out on your journey back into STEM, here are my tips and hints for Evil Within 2.

Author: Nathan Doverspike

The Evil Within 2 would have been my biggest surprise in 2017, had I played it in 2017. I arrived a little late but nonetheless enjoyed the hell out of the game. From the twisted and horrifically grotesque enemy designs, to the crazy finale and gut wrenching plot, I was hooked the whole way through. To help you out on your journey back into STEM, here are my tips and hints for Evil Within 2.

New Game + is Great, But There’s a Catch

This is one I wish I knew before I started the game. I finished the game in casual mode, and if you would like an explanation of the different difficulties you can check out this article. You can reduce the difficulty while playing, but you cannot increase the difficulty once you start a save slot. Also keep in mind that beating NG+ gets you additional weapons and resources, so it’s definitely worth playing through a second time just to experience the new arsenal.

Explore, Explore, and Explore Some More

On my first run through the game, I thought I explored the open world pretty thoroughly, but I managed to miss a couple weapons and opportunities to upgrade my skill tree even further. Also, there are keys scattered throughout the game that allow you to open up one of the nurse’s lockers. Finding these keys can really help if you manage to get more ammo or health that stay there until you retrieve them.

Play on a Lower Difficulty For Run And Gun Gameplay

I played Evil Within 2 like I played Resident Evil 4 when it came out back in the day. I did a terrible job conserving ammo, was louder than a rhino in a china shop, and shot every enemy in sight. Playing on casual allowed me that freedom, so don’t expect to brute force your way on the more challenging difficulties. If you want a more casual experience like I did my first time around, I strongly suggest playing on casual or normal.

Don’t Kill the Flame Thrower Enemies Before Chapter 13

Without providing any spoilers, DO NOT kill the flame thrower enemies roaming the world before chapter 13. I did, and therefore I couldn’t get the parts needed to repair the flame thrower which is needed for an achievement. Plus it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, so that alone makes getting it worth it.

Hopefully you find these tips and hints helpful, because I know they would have helped me decide the difficulty I wanted to choose as well as getting the flame thrower on my first play through. I am currently playing it a second time and experiencing as much if not more enjoyment this run through the standout horror title. What were some tips you found playing through? What did you think of the game overall? Let me know in the comments!


Author: Nathan Doverspike

I am the owner of Creative Mind Games, and author of the soon-to-release Aetherial War saga of novels. I am an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy works, and love to sit down with friends for card game nights!

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